Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If you ask me that are you good ?
I would answer yes but among the local Uni.
This is not enough to survive in this world.
Because technology changed very fast, you are not fast enough to survive.
Thinking skill! The way you think will change your life.

Thinking Skill


what will you do? One is partner the other 1 is mother?
I reject because i have no time, i need to look after for my mother!

how? what should do? there is no right or false in the real life
what they said is correct, but this is my mother,
I wan to safe my mom's life as long as i can affort.
they said i m cruel, so how? see? this come across to the life decision
i spent all my savings in 9 months just to send my mother to hospital for electrical shock in every minute she stop breathing to keep her alive.

my brother they all laugh at me, but i wont regret, this is the only my mum i have
to me money is not important, because i could earn it back.

After 1 year, Price water house merged with cooper, thereafter author Andersen collapse and merged with E&Y, means no more partnership.

when i sitting my professional exam my father died some more....
so how? you could cry, but how long you gonna cry? things wouldn't change

come on, life wont be fair. Dun ask for fairness in your life, there is always unfairness in the world.
Dun said you dun mind if you really mind.
All you need to do is admit, accept it and keep go on.

i know my talent is argument. i like to talk if not i gonna died!
but UM offer me 2nd choice.

一开始或许不是他想要的,但现在他考获了law paper & pass CPL exam, 有9个月的实习期
看得出来他很开心. 终于,达成这一生向往的工作。
me Choong kwai fatt at age 44 only started enjoy the whole of my life.
i would have another 30 years to live happy.you still young.
go and find out what makes you feel happy and money will comes after that

他,并没有。反之,在追逐自己的人生的同时,不断提携新人, 提供机会
他只是Dr. Choong

如果, 如果我被赐予一个出书的机会,
我相信,那些事或许没有比林梧桐那么精彩,没有比乞丐圆仔的经历悲惨, 也不像林肯释放黑奴那么伟大, 但肯定是个有灵魂,一个充满他个人特色的历程, 包括专署的千年笑话


AdamChong said...

你真的好像很崇拜Dr Choong咧! ^^|||

Anonymous said...

OF coz, not only her, people who attend his class all also love him so much.... he is a great teacher..

flockgirl said...

yaya.. agree. but who are u? you have been attend his class?