Thursday, June 19, 2008







Tuesday, June 10, 2008



About yourself,I could see that you have a very strong character and when you made up your decision,it will be very difficult to convince you to change your mind,you often regret for not listening to other people's advice and yet you keep it to yourself,no one have a straight forward mind with good intention but most people did not appreciate,every time when you try to help people/friends by lending money or over fights you usually never get it back or got blamed and at times you even lose these friends as well,you got a soft heart with full of emotions and accept soft advice and not the hard ways,you will never bow and give are a little harsh in making decisions,try to think twice or countercheck for you will end up a loser,as for your face features,I could see that you are very intelligent,active,quick response and happy go lucky type,whenever there is a problem,you will try to solve it fast even its for better or worse,don't forget about my previous advice to you " Intelligent Mistakes " this happened very often in your everyday life,you will have the power in handling finances and all the says as head of the family even after marriage but you will have to bear the full responsibility as head of the family too,this is a very tough situation where you should be prepared for,as I mentioned earlier about your love life,if only you recalled your younger days,everytime when they are only friends then everything go well and smooth as common friend but if move deeper in friendship and treated as boyfriend then situation eventually turned unfavorable, you know that your character is straight forward and cannot wait to express in response of what you think even for the good or for the bad,leaving no room to compromise at times,try not to listen to gossips from friends,not all are good trusted friends,whenever people are nice,you will try to be better in return but if they are bad then you are even worse,as for your health,I am not worried at all as you are very healthy,you will live for at least 85 years and above,try to be as happy as you can now as in future you will have a lot of worries from head to toes.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


7am -起身

7.45am -换衣

8.10am -上班

8.35am -做工

12pm -午餐

1pm -开工

2pm - 开工

3pm - 开工

4pm - 开工

5pm -加班

6pm -加班

7pm -加班

7.30pm - 放生

8pm -晚餐

8.45pm -看《王牌大间谍》

9.30pm -刘伯温

11pm -check mail

11.30pm -晚安

*难怪accountant/在audit firm上班的人会变得死气沉沉,尤其在这peak period. 生活变得好没情趣哦,简直抹杀了我珍贵的创作能力,难能可贵的想象力与创造灵感!
我要告IRB(Inland Revenue Board)!