Monday, August 31, 2009


怎么可能会有这般“朋友” 咧!!


Friday, August 28, 2009

50 :50

50 :50



Dr. Choong 金句:

When age going up, happiness is going down.
This is human natural.
You will find that to be "happy" is more and more difficult.

When you are young, you have time & strength but have no money.
When aged keep going up, you found you have money but have no time.
When you have time & money, you found have no strength anymore. (old)

Just like if a man is rich, sure not handsome;
If he is handsome, sure not rich.
Handsome + rich, haa... haa... sure GAY!

So? Don't go Disneyland after you success,
but you should borrow money and go Disneyland right now.
Then you able to maximize your happiness.

Don't be like me, i go Disneyland at aged 33,
have time & money but no strength!
A group of Japanese students about aged 18 still asking me:
 "Hey uncle, wanna join us?"


Before I play anything have to read the instruction 1st:

Roller Coaster?
Wah... 15 minutes non-stop + 70 km/j speed ...
Heart attack heart attack,
cannot cannot....

Bungy Jump?
Wah... probability will get eye trauma!
cannot cannot....

So, in the Disneyland  play nothing but only see the Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Winny the Pool...

There is a foreign father bring her ASTHMA daughter to play roller coaster,
I said "hey uncle uncle, do read the instruction? Your daughter will died you know..."
I still pointed out the instruction board.

He said: " Never mine, if she died at least died in eye closed.
At least she died happily...

I 'm very shock. That's why I standing there & wait,
because I wanna see whether her daughter will died or not.

So when the lady come down,
she did need her father to used the oxygen to claim down.
However, after recover, her father just said : 
"Jom try another one!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009


回程时就骑着野狼去附近的ATM 机领钱,

Password: xxxxxx

Balance Inquiry: RM1,047.33

Withdraw: RM 40

Resit Printing.......

一看,哇!!为什么after withdraw banlance 会变成 RM997.33!!



就在我们决定重拨时,不小心瞄到 notice 上的小table:

Malaysia         OCBC                                    RM1.00

                       Local bank to other bank        RM 12

靠?! 夭寿! 这么贵哦?!
虽然不知为什么少扣我RM 2, 但还是被坑了!                  

所以,呼吁大家,记得远离 OCBC!
就连自家的 bank 也得charge RM 1!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dr. Choong 金句:

Malaysian people enter University normally at 19 years old, graduate at age 23. Working 3-4 years as a job hunter and gain job experience. Another 3 years saving money to buy house / car. (Malaysian gal prefer 'secure' guy) so probably will married at aged 30 -32. some more still wait for another 2 year for 2 人世界。 when both having a baby at this aged, Congratulation!! That is a high probability to claim extra RM5000 relief for disable child!! What a tax planning!!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dr. Choong 名句:

How to choose a Husband?

How to know he is a rich guy? Listen to his sweet talk?
Not reliable!
Ask him 4 question:

1. What is the tax file no. of him?
If is SG or OG? If is OG means is sole-proprietor, businessman, GOOD!!

2. Did he has unabsorbed business loss c/f?
If yes & the amount is high, then useless. Poor guy!

3. What is his tax bracket?
Check to the chargeable tax rate! Paid tax RM30,000? Means total chargeable income at least RM172,056!

4. Last but not least, where is he living? Driving a luxury car doesn't mean he is rich in reality!
Only staying area tell the truth.

** To all Ladies:
Married to a rich guy's son is useless. Because the money will come to you only after his father died. So? be his mother!! Married to his father and you entitled share the money all the time!!

How to Choose a Wife?
How to know a girl is 温柔? She said it?
Do 3 test before married her:

1. Interview her brother (if have)
The way she treat her brother will be exactly the way she treated to you after married.
So, 1st should try to be friend with her brother, not her parents so that he will tell you the truth!

2. Bring her go to eat Kepong stim crab, See how she hantuk & buka the crab.
The more happiness & kuat-kuat of she, mean the more voilance she is.

3. Last, bring her eat buffet. If she choose to eat sashimi & raw food,
Haha..... Becarefull lar you.........